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OPESS Unveiled the New Ocube Product at CIES

On September 7, the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference (CIES) was held in Hangzhou with the theme of “Create New Value of Energy Storage, Build a New Market Pattern”. OPESS was invited to the conference and won the “2022 China Energy Storage Industry Best System Integration Solution Award”.

This year’s CIES was organized by the China Industrial Association of Power Sources and supported by more than 200 industrial, academic and research institutions and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain. At the conference, more than 160 industry leaders, academicians, experts and representatives of outstanding enterprise shared their views on hot topics such as the development path of the energy storage industry, new power system construction, new energy storage technology routes, energy storage system integration and safety under the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

OPESS is committed to providing safe and efficient energy storage solutions for new energy storage. At the conference, OPESS presented its energy storage products and shared its latest product technology and application scenarios with the participants, attracting the attention of many investors.

Ocube, a new energy storage system in OPESS’s product series, features modularity, convenient operation and maintenance, and intelligence and safety. With standardized design, it can be either deployed and put into use as a single unit or deployed and controlled centrally, allowing for application in multiple scenarios.

In terms of safety, Ocube adopts OPESS’s proprietary liquid-cooling technology, which increases the thermal management efficiency of the cabinet while reducing the power consumption. Compatibility of Ocube’s multiple models ensures the delivery of the whole cabinet and multiple cabinets as a group, enabling adaptability and excellent performance in complex and changing application scenarios.

In multiple scenarios and environments including shared new energy storage, solar + energy storage and charging, and small-scale industrial and commercial storage, users can increase revenue from new energy and improve power station efficiency with Ocube. At present, it has been applied to Qinghai independent micro-grid system, providing a full set of energy storage safety management services.

In the context of the national strategic goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and the new energy revolution, Ocube can give full play to its strong advantages, open up a new field of safe and efficient energy storage, and lead the domestic energy storage industry to become a solid backing for a zero-carbon society.

In the near future, OPESS will officially launch online the new Ocube split liquid-cooling energy storage product!