Digital Energy Management Platform
OP-Energy Cloud

Empowering energy storage system

Quasi-SaaS software service model that incorporates BMS and EMS functions

The OP-Energy Cloud, an energy management platform independently developed by Opess, applies digital twin technology to present the operation information of the energy storage stations in a 3D visualization form. The algorithm module can be loaded according to user needs, which can rapidly improve the availability of the system. Besides, the platform enables multi-terminal collaborative operation and maintenance, making it easier for users to adjust their peak-shaving and valley-filling power use strategy. Users can build a virtual power plant by integrating information of the resource, grid, load and storage on the platform.

  • Integration of BMS and EMS functions
  • Algorithm strategy applicable to multi-scenario controls

Battery SOH Examing System
Multi-grade digital warnings

We develop our battery health evaluation model based on large quantities of testing data and project experience, which is able to accurately evaluate the battery health status and detect potential safety hazards in time through battery resistance detection and the SOH algorithm.


High-accuracy SOC algorithm
Active and passive balancing technologies
Multi-dimensional digital monitoring
Multi-layer redundancy protection mechanism



Applicable to different scenarios
Intelligent visualization
Cloud-edge collaboration
Big data algorithm
Easy to operate

The storage safety system developed by Opess applies the following patent technologies:


  1. Invention Patent 2019108971162
    An intelligent temperature measurement system and method for energy storage battery modules
  2. Utility Upgrading 2019217063167
    An integrated system for automatically detecting gas inside energy storage modules
  3. Invention Patent 2019113608677
    A method for monitoring the expansion and deformation of electric cells

energy storage visualization system

Opess’s energy storage visualization system BSVS is the core of the entire energy storage system. It presents information of the energy storage power station, battery clusters, packs and even cells in a 3D form that enables the users to quickly gain a direct, clear, and complete understanding of the overall operation status. At the same time, the system is configured with advanced algorithms and operation strategies to suit different application scenarios such as new energy storage, user-end energy storage, and peak load and frequency regulation.

Safe and stable

All energy storage systems are equipped with the intelligent battery protection system (IBPS) that ensures higher stability and safety

Smart operation and maintenance

Visualization and modulization design that makes operation and maintenance easier and troubleshooting faster

Easy to operate

Using B/S architecture that supports a variety of main browsers and poses no software-use threshold


BSVS is applicable to various application scenarios such as new energy storage, user-side energy storage, and frequency regulation and peak shaving.

Big data algorithm

Strong data calculation and analysis capacity that helps users better understand the operation status of the system from different dimensions

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