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The International Organization for Standardization Certification Recognizes Optim Energy’s Robust Integrated Management System

Recently, Optim Energy announced that it has achieved ISO 9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications. To achieve the certifications, Optim Energy undertook an ISO recertification audit, and the process covered areas including technology, research and development, and other aspects of OP-Energy Cloud.

ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 are ISO standards governing management systems. Each standard sets out the criteria, principles, and requirements for the management system and each of these standards has a focus on the overarching ISO principle of continuous improvement. The three ISO standards aim to help run an efficient, profitable, and responsible business.

OP-Energy Cloud, the digital energy management platform developed by Optim Energy, leverages digital twin technology to present the operational information of energy storage projects to users in 3D. Optim Energy’s two software products, Intelligent Battery Protection System (IBPS) and Battery Safety Visualization System (BSVS), adopt many of its proprietary technologies to monitor and visualize the data of energy storage projects. With intelligent maintenance and automated management, the two products help reduce the average failure rate of projects and ensure that energy storage systems function effectively, thus providing customers with a stable supply of power.

The successful completion of ISO recertification shows that Optim Energy has strong strength in innovation and a leadership position in energy storage. Optim Energy will continue to provide customers with innovative energy storage products, including Obox, Ocube, and Obank, and strive to deliver service excellence.