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OPESS to Exhibit at BePOSITIVE 2023 in France in March

OPESS to Exhibit at BePOSITIVE 2023 in France in March

BePOSITIVE is the most influential and innovative green energy exhibition in France. The event attracts photovoltaic companies from all over the world and serves as an important platform to develop the photovoltaic market in France and across Europe.

OPESS focuses on improving the value and safety of energy storage through technology. OP-Energy Cloud, an energy management platform independently developed by OPESS, provides users with refined and intelligent energy management services by using digital twin technology and integrating BMS and EMS functions.

The newly launched Obox household energy storage product not only brings into play the brand’s advantage of high security, but also further expands OPESS’s energy storage business and accelerates the transformation of domestic and overseas power systems from centralized energy supply to centralized + distributed energy supply.

Given the increasingly tense energy situation in Europe, affordability and reliability of power supply have become the core drivers for customers’ choice of energy storage solutions. In 2022, OPESS entered the overseas energy storage market, providing renewable energy solutions in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and other countries.