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Annual Summit of the Jiangsu Energy Storage Industry Concluded Successfully and OPESS Won the Top Ten Award in the Industry

Recently, the second session of the first working conference and annual energy storage summit hosted by Jiangsu Energy Storage Association was successfully concluded in Nanjing. OPESS was invited to the conference and won the “Top Ten Energy Storage System Innovation and Growth Award in China’s Energy Storage Industry” for its self-developed integrated energy storage system.

This year’s annual summit of the Jiangsu energy storage industry was held in a multi-faceted and comprehensive manner. Over 800 PV industry opinion leaders, including heads of Jiangsu government departments, leading experts and scholars, and representatives of leading enterprises, attended the summit and shared their views on various aspects of the energy storage industry, such as technology application, industry development, and policy trends.

In order to motivate energy storage companies to innovate and progress and to accelerate the innovative development of energy storage industry, an award ceremony was held after the event to honor the top 10 energy storage brands in China in 2022. At the ceremony, OPESS was presented the “Top Ten Energy Storage System Innovation and Growth Award in China’s Energy Storage Industry”. The award not only shows the recognition from the energy industry for OPESS’s active development of energy storage market segments and efforts to improve its offerings, but also sets a direction for the future development of energy storage products.

OPESS has always focused on technological innovation and patent development. Its energy storage products integrate BMS and EMS and constitute a software matrix through its self-developed OP-Energy Cloud energy management platform, creating a complete inner loop energy storage system. By applying OPESS’s patented technologies, OP-Energy Cloud supports big data functions such as data management, processing, and feedback in the cloud, and improves the overall computing power of the system by means of layered data storage.

In terms of hardware, OPESS’s self-developed energy storage products, represented by Ocube energy storage system, are characterized by reconfiguration, matrix layout and hardware-software coupling. They enable autonomous operation, fast operation and maintenance, and a higher level of safety and longer service life in off-grid conditions. Our energy storage products can be quickly deployed in a variety of scenarios, including solar + energy storage and charging, distributed new energy storage, and off-grid applications, to accommodate small-scale commercial and industrial uses.