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OPESS Launched a New Liquid-Cooling Split Energy Storage System to Create a New Era of Safety

OPESS launched a new liquid-cooling split energy storage system to create a new era of safety. On September 28, OPESS launched Ocube, its new liquid-cooling split energy storage product, at its online launch event themed “Worry-free Energy Storage, Infinite Possibilities”. The event was broadcast live by media such as pvmen, BJX, EESA,, and Energy Box, attracting over 13 thousand viewers.

In his speech, Hao Peng, Chairman of OPESS, said that the 14th Five-Year Plan period is a strategic key period to achieve the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and an important window for China’s clean and low-carbon energy transition and high-quality development. Accelerating the penetration of new energy means increasing the demand for grid consumption and peak regulation capacity. Therefore, the market has higher expectations and requirements for energy storage technology and industry development.

Ocube energy storage system of OPESS, emerged in response to the development of the times, is a liquid-cooling energy storage system based on commercial and industrial distributed clean energy. The system is designed based on the core concept of “One for All”, characterized by reconfiguration, matrix and coupling, and embedded with the safety-oriented corporate culture. With standardized modular design and unique connection method, it satisfies users’ demands for system reconfiguration such as flexible expansion and rapid transfer, and enables custom storage capacity and rapid deployment to form the energy matrix.

Reconfiguration is not only one of the core features of Ocube, but also the mainstream of split energy storage in the future.

According to Shang Dehua, General Manager of OPESS, Ocube contains an energy security module and an energy management module. The system can be reconfigured and assembled flexibly to enable independent mainframe deployment, integrated matrix deployment, split deployment and prefabricated module deployment, meeting the needs of various scenarios.

On this basis, Ocube’s liquid-cooling optimization system follows the modular design concept and uses multimodal operation sensing technology to achieve multiple system thermal simulation optimization and product iterations. With OPESS’s self-developed OP-Energy Cloud platform, Ocube can be managed in the cloud, which allows for quick identification and fix of problems.

NO1. OP-Energy Cloud platform

Shang Dehua mentioned that the data processing volume of energy storage stations is extremely large, and the reasonable allocation of computing resources is important to improve operational efficiency. OPESS’s energy storage products are equipped with OP-Energy Cloud platform, which creates a very safe and resilient energy storage system with multi-modal smart sensing capability. In terms of data processing, the layered data storage approach adopted by the platform can effectively improve the system’s computing power.

NO2. Quasi-SaaS service model

The quasi-SaaS service model of Ocube can connect to multiple service providers and support multi-terminal collaborative operation and maintenance. The BEMS energy storage safety management system embedded in the product integrates the functions of both BMS and EMS.

OPESS integrates multiple energy modules in Ocube and combines hardware and software to form an integrated product with different capacity combinations for various scenarios. The design concept of “multi-dimensional coupling and energy customization” allows Ocube to realize rapid deployment in multiple scenarios, such as solar + energy storage and charging, distributed new energy storage, and off-grid applications, to accommodate small-scale industrial and commercial uses.

In the context of the national strategic goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as well as the new energy revolution, the trend of vigorously developing electrochemical energy storage is irreversible. Thus, safety has become a key that the industry must firmly grasp. OPESS has built a solid foundation for energy storage system with its patented technologies, self-developed safety system and battery-level precision control technology, which can essentially improve the safety level of energy storage.

In the future, OPESS will continue to innovate and improve its energy storage products to bring more reliable, safe and efficient energy storage options to customers and promote the energy storage industry to play an active role in realizing the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.